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Training smart key system and anti-look braking system technology

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Training smart key system and anti-look braking system technology

1, Training content 

  • Understand the working principle of Honda and Piaggio ABS Technology.
  • Diagnostic testing, fault identification and repair of anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  • Self-design, assemble, upgrade normal disc brakes to anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  • Classification, security mechanism, security principles of Piaggio's security key system.
  • Understand the operating principle of Smart Key system (Honda, Yamaha).
  • Test diagnostics, identify errors and fix specific errors of smart lock systems.
  • Master the requirements, conditions and procedures when replacing parts of Smart Key system (FOB, SCU, ECM, Locks)
  • Practicing FOB registration process, replacing SCU, replacing ECM.
  • Practice using specialized Smart Key programming device: SMARTTOOL, SKTOOL, PROTOOLS to do intensive functions. Delete KEYID, copy KEYID, Copy ECMID on the latest car models SH, PCX, X-ADX 750, FORZA 300
  • Instructions for data editing, data analysis in smart controller.
  • Display the registered key number and the ON / OFF status of the key in SCU.
  • Editing, synchronizing ECMID into SCU (instead of SCU synchronization process).
  • Programming uses a key for multiple cars.
  • Re-using the registered key (FOB) but still have the ID code.
  • Key synchronization (FOB) to SCU automatically (Write key code directly into SCU without registration)
  • Edit, restore EEPROM or MAIN DATA data when data error within SCU.
  • Change the smart key control block code (Ex: From code K01 to K77 or vice versa).
  • Support to upgrade anti-towing features for Honda Airblade, Lead and Vision models.
  •  Delete lost or dropped key data in the smart controller.
  • Support to register up to six keys at once for Honda SH, PCX, X-ADX 750, FORZA 300
  •  Guidance on upgrading normal lock system on Smart Key lock system.
  • Instructions for checking and repairing basic errors in the intelligent lock control unit (SCU) and ABS control system (ACU).
  • Handling some hardware errors of Smart Key system (pressing the lock knob without accepting FOB, detecting power (damage to the battery), fault of the control circuit of the solenoid valve to open the lock latch)

2. Instructors 

  • Engr. Dao Dinh Tam
  • Engr. Pham Thanh Van
  • Engr. Nguyen Tat Thanh

3.Location and time

  • Opening ceremony (estimated date):  
  • Quantity : 15-20 students
  • Duration : 8 sessions (4 consecutive days)
  • Location (Ha Noi): No 8, Alley 8, Lane 34, Xuan La Street, Xuan La Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Location (Ho Chi Minh): District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

4. Tuition fees and enrollment 

  • Registration & Booking Contact: +84943 967 767 – Lam Thuy
  • Students are given free lectures and materials when participating in the course.
  • There are contacts for accommodation and food for distance students.


    • Avatar
      Nguyễn đức thiện
      Aug 18, 2020

      Cho em hỏi 1 khóa học phanh abs và khóa thông minh bao nhiêu tiền vậy ạ

    • Avatar
      Jan 15, 2023

      I would like to know if you do an online course in key less?

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