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  • Origin: Vietnam
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  • K01 VÀ K35
  • K77 VÀ K29
  • K96 VÀ K97
  • CHÌA K0R

Product available with different options 0 Items

  • HONDA SH 125i/150i / 300i (2015 - 2016) using K01 or K35
  • HONDA SH 125i/150i / 300i / MODE (2017 - 2019) using K29 or K77
  • HONDA SH MODE 2021 uses K1N 
  • HONDA PCX (2015 – 2016) uses K53 (can be used together with K01 or K35)
  • HONDA PCX (2017 - 2019) uses K96 or K97
  • HONDA PCX 2021 uses K1Z 
  • SUPER CUB using K01 or K36
  • HONDA SH 125/150 2020 using K0R
  • SH 300i 2021 uses K1Y
  • PCX 2021 (Europe version) uses K1W
  • Forza 2019 (2018 - 2019) uses KBT00 (can be used together with K77) 
  • Forza 350 2021 uses K1B
  • Forza 750 2021 uses MKTD0 
  • XADV (2017 - 2019) uses MKHD0 (can be used together with K77)
  • XADV 2021 uses MKTD0 

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