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Free update version 9.9 date 20/05/2021(NOT USED FOR TMAX VERSION) | Click here to download update version 9.9 | Click here to see update guide video

1. Smart key/ Keyless Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki

  • Read KEYID from smart box
  • Read ECMID from smart box
  • Read ECMID from ECM box
  • Erase key lost
  • Erase the missing key code
  • Reflash EEPROM data of smart box
  • Register new keys in the all keys lost case.
  • Add key by key
  • Check the synchronization between key and smart box
  • Change ON / OFF key status
  • Sync smart box and ECM automatically
  • Replace new ECM
  • Register up to 6 keys at once bike Honda

List of models: 

  • HONDA: AIRBLADE (2018-2021), CLICK 125i (2018-2021), LEAD 125 (2018-2021), PCX( 2016-2021), SH 125/150/300(2016-2021), SH MODE( 2016-2020), VISION (2018-2021), VARIO 125/150 (2018-2021), X-ADV 750, FORZA 300 (2018-2020), SCOOPY (2016-2021), FORZA 300 2021, X-ADV 750 2021.
  • YAMAHA : AEROX (2018-2021), GRANDE (2019-2021), FREE GO (2020-2021), LATTE 2020 , JANUS ( 2017-2021), NVX(2017-2021) , QBIX, XMAX, NMAX, T-MAX 530i, T-MAX DX, T-MAX SX SPORT, T-MAX IRON MAX (2015 - 2021)
  • SUZUKI : RAIDER FI (2017-2020), GSX FI (2017-2020)
  • Supported part number: K12, K44, K59, K66, K01, K02, K77, K78, K29, K36, K96, K97, K1F, K1R, K1N, K1Z, K1Y, K0R, K0S, K2C, K1B, K1W.


  • Register the new keys in the all keys lost case.
  • Reset, erase all keys of IC / ECM.
  • Support register new keys.
  • List of supported ECU:AC13I, AC191, AC19I, AC20I, AC21I, AC23I, AC24I, AC25I, AC27I, AC32I, AC5I, AC8I, ACI600, AC601, ACI602, ACI603, ACII, AC2I, AC5I, AC8I, AC13I, MIU1, MIU2, MIU G3/RIU1, MIU4, PGU09, PGN04/PGS02/PGT01

The detailed list

3. Odometer adjustment

  • Read the current mileage
  • Correct odometer value of motorcycle dashboard.
  • Restore the original data
  • Automatic correct odometer
  • All moto, motobike Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Piaggio

List of models: 

  • HONDA: Airblade (2013-2019), Airblade 125/150 2020, Click (2013 -2020), Forza 2018, Msx 125/150, Future Neo, Future X, Lead 125 (2013-2020), PCX( 2008-2019), PCX 2021, SH 125/150/300(2015-2016), SH 125/150(2017-2019), SH 125/150 2020, SH Mode ( 2015-2020), SH Mode 2021, Sonic 125, Vario 125/150 (2013-2020), Vision 2021, Wave 125, Winner 150, Winner X, Zoomer X, Scoopy 2018, XADV 2018, CUB, Beat 2018, Beat Stress, CBR 15DR/150/250, CBR 500/500F/650, CBR 1000/ 1000RR, CRF 250…
  • YAMAHA: Aerox, Acruzo, Janus, Nvx, TFX, MSLAZ, AcruzoExciter 150 (2014-2021)Fz150/150i/FZ16GrandeNouvo LX/4Nouvo SX/5QbixR1/ R6R15/RR15D,  R15 2016, R15 , Free Go 2019Nmax ABS, Grand Filano, Xmax, Tmax, MT07, MT09, FreeGo, Latte, Vixion 2018
  • PIAGGIO/VESPA: V4_ 50cc, V6_ 50cc, Liberty( 2017-2019)MedleyPrimavera (2017-2019)Sprint (2017-2019)Vespa 2020Có Logo _EEPROM_R5FKhông Logo _EEPROM_R5F
  • SUZUKIAn150En 150Raider (2012-2015)Gsx ( 2009-2015)Gsx Fi (2016-2019)Raider Fi( 2016-2019)…
  • KAWASAKIZ1000R/NinjaZ125, NINJA 250, VERSY 650, Z300, Z900,

The detailed list

Functional table packages

4. List of accessories 

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  • When upgrading software: If you cannot upgrade yourself, please install the Teamviewer remote control software, our technicians will assist you. Link to download the software: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/. Install it on your computer, then give us the ID and password for remote assistance.

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