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1, Introduction  

  • Autoshop Joint Stock Company was formerly a group of members with the same passion in electrical and electronics technology of cars, motorcycles and motorbikes. In 2018, Autoshop Joint Stock Company was established to operate mainly in the field of research, production, training, technology transfer of electrical and electronic repair of automobiles, motorcycles and motorbikes.

2, Vision

  • To be a research and production company pioneered in the development of intelligent diagnostic and repair equipment, magnetic locks for motorcycles and motorbikes in Vietnam with the aim of equipment manufactured by Vietnamese people and used by Vietnamese people and with the orientation to become a global equipment export company.
  • To establish Autoshop as a company that includes professional training centers for electrical and electronics repair for cars and motorcycles and bring technology closer to Vietnamese mechanists.

3, Mission

                              “Bring Vietnamese machinists to the world”

4, Core value

                                “ Heart – Height – Heat – Human”

  • “Heart”: Autoshop always puts customers at the center of our business to bring our passionate and enthusiastic products to our customers.
  • “Height”: Autoshop aims to be the wings to lift Vietnamese machinists to a new level. Reach the "Made in Vietnam" production equipment out of the territory.
  • “Heat”: Autoshop works with a warrior spirit, bringing both our enthusiasm and spirit in each product  in order to bring customers the best quality products.
  • “Human”: Autoshop understands customers like our loved ones. Our employees as our greatest strength help Autoshop to go fast, far and sustainable.









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