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Smart key Honda PCX/SH125/150

  • Key (FOB) K01 is the key of HONDA Smart Key system for PCX/SH125D/150D/300i bikes from 2015 to 2016
  • Use RF radio frequency 433MHZ
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I. Details:

1: The card of the key (9 digits) for each FOB has only one.

Note: keep this card carefully, in case of losing the key, use this code to open the emergency  or make a new key. Moreover, avoid exposing the code to the outside to not be copied by the crook.

2: Answer back system: support to locate the bike. When we press the button 1 time the bike will flash the lamp in combination with the siren.

3: anti- theft alarm: works to alarm when someone takes the bike, turn the steering or moves the bike.

Activated :

+ Press the alarm button 1 times -> buzzer and indicator light -> ON.

+ Press once more -> OFF

4: ON / OFF button (FOB):


- ON FOB: Hold press the button (2 seconds) -> indicator light (red -> green)

- OFF FOB: Hold press the button (2 seconds) -> indicator light (green -> red)

Vehicles and SCUs can be used:

II. Bikes can use the K01 key

- HONDA SH  125/150/300 (2015 - 2016)

- HONDA PCX (2014 - 2016) use K35

HONDA SH 2020 use K0R

- HONDA SH (2017-2019), SH MODE, FORZA 300 use K77

Note: K01 remote key can match with almost motorcycles which upgrade from non-smartkey to smart key system by K01 smartbox.